Learner Profile

The 4 Cs are Collaboration, Caring, Continuous Improvement, Celebration

At the heart of all learning at CBS is the Cockle Bay Learner Profile which is made up of the 4Cs:

  • Collaboration

  • Caring

  • Continuous improvement

  • Celebration

The skills (critical and creative thinking, responsible, knowledgeable, autonomous learner, connected) are central to our Whakatauki: Children and their learning is at the heart of all we do.



  • Helping

  • Please and thank you

  • Moving sensibly around the school

  • Don’t call out, respect a sensible noise level, use positive language

  • We all have rights and responsibilities

  • Working together - teamwork

  • Be respectful, courteous and well mannered

  • Be prepared to take risks



  • Respect for others, their cultures and their learning

  • We all have the right to speak and be listened to at appropriate times

  • Arguments and problems need to be talked about

  • Stop, think, do

  • Take responsibility for your own learning

  • There will be a zero tolerance for bullying

  • Seek help from the duty teacher

  • Include people who might be lonely

  • Care about/respect the belongings of others

  • Care for our classrooms and equipment

  • Wear your school uniform correctly and with pride

  • Take pride in your books - eg no scribbling on inside covers, name tags, etc

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle


Continuous Improvement

  • Always aim for your previous best and improve from there

  • Have your things ready for learning

  • Use your mistakes as opportunities to improve and move forward

  • Listen to and use advice

  • Set goals and focus on achieving them

  • Celebrate learning and success



  • Recognise strengths

  • Students able to recognise what an achievement is

  • To get rid of “tall poppy” syndrome

  • Learn to accept compliments

  • Celebrating small steps

  • Celebrating excellence

  • Being proud of what you achieve

  • Provide opportunities to share successes

  • Individual celebrations of success

  • Know the balance between being proud and bragging

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