Learning Areas

New Zealand Curriculum


Cockle Bay School, like all other state primary schools, follows the New Zealand Curriculum which includes eight learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Sciences, learning languages, the Arts and Health & Physical Education.

At the heart of all learning at Cockle Bay School is the Cockle Bay Learner Profile which is made up of the 4C’s (Collaboration, Caring, Continuous Improvement, Celebration) the skills (critical and creative thinking, responsible, knowledgeable, autonomous learner, connected) and central to this is our Whakatauki:
Children and their learning is at the heart of all we do.

All students learn at different rates and bring to school a range of learning experiences. The individual needs of each student are met through a differentiated learning .

Inquiry Based Learning

At Cockle Bay School we use an inquiry based approach to learning.  It is driven by students' curiosity about the world around them.

It encourages connection, co-operation, and collaboration by allowing students to pose and solve problems together and with their communities in shared, authentic learning experiences.

To guide the students through the learning we have developed our own inquiry model.

Theme Plan

The content of the inquiry is shared with the teachers, students and our community as a Theme Plan.  This overview of learning ensures that the students are exposed to key learning across a range of curriculum areas but also ….

Specialist Programmes

At Cockle Bay School we offer three Specialist Programmes for your child - Music, Physical Education, Dance and Drama.  

These Specialist Programmes are taught by expert teachers and our students attend Physical Education and Music classes for 45 minutes a week and Dance and Drama 45 minutes one Term per year.

CBS Clubs

To enrich our students learning we offer a number of clubs.

Courses from robotics to dance, art, sports and choir are available.

Related Topics


Outdoor Learning

Our children are busy enriching their learning through trips and camps throughout the year.


Digital Learning

The use of digital devices in embedded in our daily learning.