Visit our Facebook page for quick updates of events

Visit our Facebook page for quick updates of events



Students are involved in a daily fitness programme each morning. Classes go out for 10-15 minutes a day and typically students would do a variety of activities e.g. utilise playground equipment, skipping, cross country or jump jam.

Team Sport

Once a week each Team will go out for a block of sport. Students will be learning skills and game sense across winter or summer sport codes. Students rotate around 4-5 different sports each Term.

Specialist Physical Education Programme

Every class attends a specialist PE session for 45 mins per week. Our Physical Education program teaches students the importance of teamwork, learning to co-operate and share. It is also an opportunity for your child to push themselves and understand what they’re capable of achieving.

We are a proud sporting school with an array of young sportspeople of all talents and abilities, learning the value of physical education and competition.

Students enjoy access to a range of sports and recreation activities at Cockle Bay. Artificial turf under our Dome provide year-round play for a variety of sports as well as our Soccer/Rugby pitch.

Extra Sporting Opportunities

Throughout the year additional opportunities are offered to students such as inflatable football, scooter training and friendly competitions with local schools. Local clubs also come in and offer additional coaching and games for students who are interested.

HPPA Sports Fixtures for 2019

Term 1

  • Softball

  • Swimming

  • Cricket

Term 2

  • Netball Field Day

  • Soccer

  • Rugby

  • 7 a-side rugby

  • Rippa Rugby

  • Hockey Field Day

  • Basketball

Term 3

  • Dance Festival

  • Cross Country

  • Gymnastics


Term 4

  • Touch rugby

  • Athletics

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Outdoor Learning

We have a number of trips and outdoor activities planned throughout the year.