Outdoor Learning

At Cockle Bay School we offer a wide range of experiences outside the classroom.  These opportunities enrich the educational experiences for students.



The Waterwise programme at Cockle Bay is offered to both Year 5 and 6 students. Each class in Year 6 spends two days at Howick Beach in Term 1 and each Year 5 class enjoy two days at Howick Beach in Term 4.  Run by trained Waterwise instructors, students participate in both onshore and water activities including sailing, kayaking and learning knots.  In a country surrounded by water, this programme aims to develop not just water confidence and skills but also aims to give our students a strong sense of independence and connection to our local marine environment.


Year 4 Kotuku Camp

Year 4 Camp is an opportunity for students to experience an overnight 2 day camp at Willow Park, Eastern Beach in December.  The main purpose is to encourage team building and new friendships, as the students prepare themselves for the transition to Year 5.  For many students, this is the first time away from home. We do our utmost to ensure that all students have an enjoyable time, with fun activities to keep them engaged, preparing them for the challenges of the camp in Year 5 where these social skills will be built on.


Year 5 Kakapo Camp

The Year Five attend camp at Carey Park in Henderson nestled below the Waitakere Ranges. Our main focus is for the children to form positive relationships with each other, and have experiences they cannot find in the classroom. For many children this is their first time away from home, first time on a confidence course, first time kayaking or having a go at archery. The Kakapo camp is three days of fun-filled and challenging team building activities that brings students closer together. It is a lifetime experience that the children remember forever.  


Year 6 Takahe Camp

The Year 6 Team enjoy a 4 day camp held at Totara Springs Christian Camp. Totara Springs is the largest centre of its kind in New Zealand and is the ultimate venue for school camps. It is situated in a beautiful setting, nestled at the foot of the Kaimai mountain ranges in Matamata.

The children enjoy a range of challenging activities that allowed them to dig deep and find courage, comradery and collaboration to be successful.

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Team Trips

Every year Teams plan for trips that will enhance learning in the classroom.  These trips reflect what is happening in the class programme.

Year 0/1 Kiwi/Kea

“The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate”

Science in a Van

Cockle Bay Beach Clean-up

Mangemangeroa walk

Year 2 Tui

“The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate”

Science in a Van

Auckland Zoo

Cockle Bay Beach Clean-up

Year 3 Weka

“The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate”

Science in a Van

Pacifica Workshop

Water Safety (Lloyd Elsmore)

Botanic Gardens (Day Camp)

Cockle Bay Beach Clean-up


Year 4 Kotuku

Science in a Van

“The Adventure of Clicks”


Botanic Gardens

Sonshine Ranch

Cockle Bay Beach Clean-up

Willow Park Camp (1 night)

Year 5 Kakapo

Science in a Van

Auckland Art Gallery & Albert Park


Flow Academy

Botanic Gardens

Waterwise (Term 4)

Cockle Bay Beach Clean-up

Carey Park Camp (2 nights)

Year 6 Takahe

Science in a Van

Butterfly Creek

Bollywood Workshop

Marae Visit

Waterwise (Term 1)

Cockle Bay Beach Clean-up

Totara Springs Camp (3 nights)