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Y4 Kotuku - Mindlab @ MOTAT

3D Design & Printing


The Mind Lab offers award-winning science, tech and discovery learning experiences from a custom-built lab at MOTAT.

The Mind Lab formed in 2013 with a mission to encourage young people to get excited by science and technology. We look at new ways of learning and collaborating whilst using digital tools to extend students’ knowledge. We encourage children to enquire, investigate and experiment through hands-on, creative learning methods.


Our core philosophy celebrates learning through failure, learning by doing, and empowering young people to lead their own educational journeys.

The digital world is advancing faster than ever before. We recognise the need to prepare and teach students to be flexible, adaptable and technically skilled for a world that is increasingly digital and specialised. Young people need to be encouraged to make critical and meaningful connections with contemporary knowledge, concepts and ideas.

Earlier Event: 18 September
Y4 Kotuku - Mindlab @ MOTAT