Cockle Bay School has been on an environmental journey for several years to increase student, staff and community environmental practices. We have been an Enviroschool since 2017 and received our Bronze Enviroschool award at the end of 2018.

We want our students to have increased knowledge and experience of Māori Perspectives, as well as an understanding of cultural diversity. We are trying to prepare our children for the future by providing a future-focused curriculum. Therefore teaching sustainability has to be a real priority.



Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are part of a Student Leadership programme at Cockle Bay School.

The Eco Warriors meet each week and are involved in planting, garden to table cooking, promoting nude food and recycling.



Gecko Trust

Every year Cockle Bay School work with the Gecko Trust, Friends of Mangemangeroa and Howick College to plant hundreds of plants at the Mangemangeroa Reserve. 


Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors participate in Keep New Zealand Clean Up Week at Cockle Bay. 


Nude Food

Cockle Bay School likes to care for our environment by bringing Nude Food Lunchboxes to school everyday.