Cockle Bay School

We are on a well established site, close to the coast in East Auckland. The school is well resourced, both in terms of facilities and equipment and with high calibre staff.

There is a strong community spirit with supportive parents and students .

We are busy all day exploring and discovering


Your very own song

Our students have been composing their own songs, using their first names as inspiration.


Your favourite house?

A lot of thought and care went into developing the dream house for each student in our room.


Kinetics in full swing

High up it goes in the contest of who could build the tallest tower. Teamwork and heated discussions were needed.


Our Learning

At Cockle Bay School we use an inquiry based approach to learning.  It is driven by students' curiosity about the world around them. It encourages connection, co-operation, and collaboration by allowing students to pose and solve problems together and with their communities in shared, authentic learning experiences.

To guide the students through the learning we have developed our own inquiry model.


Learner Profile

At the heart of all learning at Cockle Bay School is the Cockle Bay Learner Profile which is made up of the 4Cs (Collaboration, Caring, Continuous Improvement, Celebration) the skills (critical and creative thinking, responsible, knowledgeable, autonomous learner, connected).

Central to this is our Whakatauki: Children and their learning is at the heart of all we do.

Specialist Programmes

At Cockle Bay School we offer three Specialist Programmes for your child - Music, Physical Education, Dance and Drama.  

These specialist programmes are taught by expert teachers and our students attend Physical Education and Music classes for 45 minutes a week and Dance and Drama 45 minutes one Term per year.


Our Year Levels


Each of our Year levels has a bird allocated to it’s team. The children connect to ‘their’ bird, which they will learn about in their studies. All of our birds have a lot of character, are inquisitive and need looking after, they give you a sense of belonging.

Kiwi- lighter - 003-72dpi - 1003px.jpg

Kiwi Team - New Entrants

Our children that start school have the privilege of calling the Kiwi their bird. To start out on the adventure of school is a challenge, we hope to make the transition easier by having a buddy, our kiwi :)


Our Community

Celebration Night brings the whole school together under the Performing Arts umbrella  - Dance, Drama and Music.  It is set with an underlying theme, the past couple being Disney and celebrating cultures , then all children become part of the show with their class item.   Children from an extension drama group string the story together.  Families bring picnics and gather on the field to celebrate together on a warm summers (we always hope) night.

Celebration Night is held on alternate years to Production, on Production years, 'Famtastic Friday' takes place - again, an outside picnic but a more informal night with cultural and extra curricular groups performing. A fantastic night for families!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


~ Dr. Seuss