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Kia ora!   Welcome to Cockle Bay School.     ** Y6 Takahē – Te Whare Wananga O Wairoa Marae Visit Wednesday 26th June & Wednesday  3rd July**  ** Matariki Observance Friday 28th June – School Closed to Students **           

School Events

Term 2  Commences Monday 29th April – Friday 5th July

Monday 29th April 8:45 am – Friday 5th July 3:00 pm


Y1 Kea & Y2 Tui Museum Trip

Monday 13th May Rooms 20, 23 & 25

Wednesday 15th May Rooms 21, 22 & 24

Friday 24th May Rooms 26, 29 &  30

Thursday 30th May Rooms 27 & 28

Auckland War Memorial Museum, Parnell, Auckland 1010

Incredible Insects

This programme is for the following year groups: Years 1–3

Discover the astounding anatomy of insects and other small creatures, investigate insect survival strategies, and identify survival techniques such as camouflage,

mimicry, and other defence mechanisms. The Museum’s entomology collection is brought to life through hands-on activities.

Learning Outcomes
Learners will:
· Group insects and arachnids based on physical features
· Investigate how insects use camouflage and are suited to their particular environments
· Ask questions and understand that entomologists ask questions to discover more about the lives of insects


Year 5 Kakapo MOTAT Steam Trailer  Visit at CBS

Wednesday 29th &  Thursday 30th May

Kiwi Identity

Investigate products, events and people who helped to shape New Zealand’s identity


Teacher Only Day – School Closed To Students

Friday 31st May


King’s Birthday Observance  – School Closed To Students

Monday 3rd June


Y6 Takahē – Te Whare Wananga O Wairoa Marae Visit

Wednesday 26th June – Rooms 13, 14 & half of 15

Wednesday  3rd July – Rooms 12, 17 & half of 15


Matariki Observance – School Closed To Students

Friday 28th June


School Holidays – Saturday 6th July – Sunday 21st July


Term 3  Commences Monday 22nd July – Friday 27th  September

Monday 22nd July 8:45 am – Friday 27th September 3:00 pm


Year 1 Kea & Year 2 Tui Musical Instrument Making Show

Monday 29th July.

MusicAl will bring a range of string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments to your school and show students 

how to make instruments that sound just like them in an interactive show.


Year 3 Weka Museum Trip

Wednesday 7th August – All Classes

Auckland War Memorial Museum, Parnell, Auckland 1010

Programme Volcanoes

Explore the earth underneath your feet! Thanks to our partnership with EQC this programme is free and delivered by our educators in your school or here at the Museum.

Learners will connect with their local volcanoes, explore different types of volcanic eruptions and participate in a rock sorting challenge.

Learners are also put to the test to see how they would prepare for a volcanic eruption.

Learning Outcomes

Learners will:

· Describe Auckland’s volcanic field and identify volcanoes near to their school

· Make comparisons to different types of volcanic eruptions

· Identify different types of volcanic rock

· Gain an understanding of the preparation and response to a volcanic eruption or natural disaster


Y5 Kākāpō – Stardome Visit

Wednesday 7th August All Classes

Get to know our cosmic neighbourhood!

Suitable for Y0-8

In this programme, we explore the worlds that surround the Sun.

We learn about our neighboring planets, the connections these worlds have to ours and the fascinating environments we find in places beyond our own.

Our solar system explores the invisible forces that effect our solar system – including orbital mechanics, gravity and cycles in space.


Year 6 Takahē Polish Heritage Museum Trip

Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th August

125 Elliot Street, Howick, Auckland 2014 

Identity/Migration: Polish children 1944

Polish Heritage Trust Museum has created an in-house learning experience called Identity/Migration: Polish children 1944, part of the Stefania for schools programme. 

It is based on the book “Stefania’s Dancing Slippers” written by Jennifer Beck and illustrated by Lindy Fisher.

 Stefania is a fictional character based on interviews and the story of 733 Polish children who came to New Zealand  during WW2.

This group of children were part of the 1.7 million Poles forced by Stalin to Siberia in 1940, and in turn this group spent time in Persia around 1942-44 and eventually came to NZ in November 1944.

This programme is suitable for regular school groups, years 3-8 and home schooled students.


School Holidays – Saturday 28th September -Sunday 13th October


Term 4  Commences Monday 14th October – Tuesday 17th December

Monday 14th October 8:45 am – Tuesday 17th December 12:30 pm

School finishes at 12.30 pm on the last day of the year.


Teacher Only Day – School Closed To Students

Friday 25th October 


Labour Day Observance – School Closed To Students

Monday, 28th October 


Y3 Weka – Outdoor Challenge


Wednesday 6 November Rooms 1 & 2 

Thursday 7 November Rooms 18 & 19

8:45 am – 2:30 pm

Auckland Botanical Gardens
102 Hill Road, Manurewa, Auckland, 2102 (map)

Big ideas

Big experiences

Outdoor Challenge

This programme is a brilliant way to introduce your class to the great outdoors, Kiwi-style!

Students learn about keeping safe and having fun through practical hands-on activities.

They have a go at pitching tents and cooking sausages, get the low-down on tramping, orienteering, and what to do if things go wrong. Team building opportunities a plenty!


Y4 Kōtūkū – Willow Park Camp

Thursday 28 November 2024 1:30 pm – Friday 29 November 2024 2:00 pm


Willow Park Camp
1 Hostel Access Road, Auckland, 2012 New Zealand (map)


Y4 Kōtūkū – Top Town Outdoor Experience

Friday, 29 November 2024
8:30 am – 12:30 pm

At Willow Park Camp
1 Hostel Access Road, Auckland, 2012 New Zealand (map)

Top Town Outdoor Experience




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